Effective media solutions
for business

Digital platforms, online events, video broadcasts

What we offer

Digital environment for your business,
which everyone envies

The optimal solution solution for the digitalization of the pharmaceutical business and omnichannel interaction with both healthcare professionals and the patient audience

A digital user environment,

that provides a closed B2B/В2С communication cycle and a full amount of information of interest 24/7 using an omnichannel approach.

Cafeteria of choice

user can choose a priority communication channel while remaining in the environment.

Convenience and minimization of the cost of contact,

both for the operator and for the user.
What we offer

Video Broadcasts:

Sports competitions, events, concerts

  • Well-coordinated work of cameramen, director and assistants, title machine operator, slow-motion replay operator, sports commentator
  • Shooting with 3-10 video cameras
  • Shooting from a crane and Drone
  • Graphic design: titles, tournament tables, counters, screens with team identities, players' bios, etc
  • Slow motion replays of the highlights of the game
  • Parallel separate broadcast from several (up to 10) points (tatami, carpets, rings) at a sports location with the possibility of separate titration of each point
  • Sports commentator
  • Broadcast via satellite and redundant landlines
  • Custom servers for relaying and administering video streams
  • Paid access to the online-event
What we offer


of virtual (online) and hybrid events includes:

  • Technical support before, during and after the event
  • Landing page creation
  • Chat for moderators and speakers to communicate with viewers
  • Access to an online conference from a PC or mobile devices using a free or private link
  • Sound, image and Internet connection quality checking
  • Fully online events with VR and gaming technologies
  • Hybrid events - video streaming of events online with remote connection of viewers
  • Recording of an online conference with the possibility of editing and splitting into fragments: separate panels, reports, etc.
  • Simultaneous translation, chromakey rental, augmented reality (AR)
our customers

Digital platforms

Web-platforms and landing pages:

We create and maintain web resources of any complexity

Develop company websites, thematic web-platforms and landing pages, aggregator sites for quick access to existing web solutions

Deploy server applications and databases to cross-connect with other digital solutions

Provide personalized access to materials and resources with full user metrics

Registration and authentication system in accordance with the legal framework and requirements of the customer's SOPs


We create and develop bots. Starting from infobots, bots with the possibility of segmented alerts, chat bots to bots with AI elements

Advantage: cost of contact, coverage, efficiency of interaction.

We provide full support from the marketing team: content marketers, copywriters, designers

Direct mailing

It`s a classic solution for remote communication.
Simple and accessible.

AMP-mailing is a novelty in digital marketing.

Be sure to try.
By the way, have you already opened the letter in the form of a website?

Hotline and call center

is a complete solution for remote communications.

It allows you to optimize significantly the cost of an external service while providing high coverage.

There are automation options, as well as professional staff with specialized education and sales skills.

We provide our clients with scripts, sales funnels, integration into CRM, reporting, collecting feedback.

And most importantly:

You can combine all available digital customer communication resources into one closed ecosystem for your business!
At ​​the moment we already have a proposal focused on the pharmaceutical business - digital environment EnvyNet.

In addition, our specialists are constantly developing digital environments for other areas of business. If you are interested in the topic of digital solutions, please contact us!

Online / offline, hybrid events

With the help of an online event, you can easily tell customers about the benefits of your product or service and establish a direct dialogue with the target audience. In addition, online trainings, webinars or conferences are a great way to train employees and hold corporate events.

Creating a landing page containing:

Brief information about the event and speakers, agenda

Registration form

Broadcast link on the day of the event

Chat to communicate with speakers

Organization of online broadcast:

Graphic and musical design

Preliminary testing of communication with the moderator and speakers, checking the quality of sound, image and Internet connection

Technical support throughout the broadcast

Creation of online virtual platform, exhibitions, showrooms and stands:

Development of 2D and 3D objects

Placement of virtual stands with advertising information

Virtual screens for placement of information, advertising and promotional videos

Migrate your event to online!

Online conferences, webinars and trainings. Organization of hybrid conferences

specializes in online events for:


pharmaceutical companies


business consultants, personal trainers

representatives of other fields of activity (sports, industry, IT and media)

Online conferences, webinars and trainings are safe, convenient, modern and profitable!

Video Broadcasts:

sports competitions, events, concerts

"MediaMist" organizes a video broadcast of the event
from any location

We will provide and connect

the necessary equipment at the location: video cameras or photo cameras, additional lighting devices, microphones, laptops and clickers.

All this variety of equipment is prepared for live work - to make your event look as impressive as possible in the broadcast!

Technical equipment and capabilities of Mediamist:


A team of cameramen, live directors, engineers and editors with many years of experience in television

MTS (mobile television station)

Reliable Internet channel with redundant communication lines for guaranteed reliable signal transmission to our servers.

Special camera equipment:

In addition to video and photo cameras with FullHD and 4K resolution, we use copters, camera cranes, steadicams and a slider, which allow us to film the event from the most interesting angles using a variety of camera techniques.

Own studio in the city center is equipped with the necessary equipment for video filming or live broadcasting of the event.

Trips to other regions of Ukraine and abroad, partner companies in the countries of near and far abroad.

Sports broadcasts in Zaporizhia and throughout Ukraine:

Broadcasting sports requires special training and experience from the staff. Thanks to multi-camera shooting, sports broadcasts allow the viewer to watch the game from several points, see replays of the most colorful moments of the game, information about players and game statistics.

A professionally organized online broadcast attracts more partners and sponsors, as well as sports fans who cannot be present at the game directly.

For more than 3 years MediaMist has been providing sports broadcasts in Zaporizhia and many other cities of Ukraine.

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